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How to Provide Public Comment Through Webinar

  • Public comment is labeled on the agenda as "Public Comment."
  •  Public comment will be accepted via webinar 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting, until the beginning of the public comment period. Once public comment has begun, we will no longer accept submissions. 
  • To submit your public comment via webinar, login to the meeting and select the question/chat box to begin writing in your public comment. When finished, hit send. A staff member will confirm the receipt of your public comment.
    • Please note that each public comment is limited to two minutes, and one question/chat box submission which is ~300 words or less. Public comment expanding to two or more question/chat submissions will be limited to the first submission.
  • When the board chair asks for public comment, all webinar public comments will be read aloud during the public comment period by a staff member.
  • If you are unable to participate by webinar or have a lengthier public comment, you may instead consider sending public comment by email to be included in the board packet for members to read. Public comment sent to the PESB office (email or snail mail) must be received by 8:00 a.m. two days prior to the next scheduled meeting (check Next/Future Meetings for upcoming meeting dates). For more information see Contact the Para Board.

The Para Board announces that eMeeting and Webinar formats will be used to make our meetings more accessible

  • The use of the eMeeting or Webinar format is not replacing Board meetings, but is an enhancement to participation and increased accessibility.
  • The eMeeting or Webinar is supplemental to the public meetings held by the Para Board and is not a substitute for in-person attendance.
  • Individuals on webinar will be in listen-only mode. They may provide public testimony during open public comment periods via the chat function on the webinar. See "How to Provide Public Comment Through Webinar" below for more information.
  • The Para Board may offer eMeeting or Webinar attendees opportunity to comment. However, that offer is not the same as testimony by in-person attendees. Comments from eMeeting or Webinar participants will be invited at the discretion of the Para Board.
  • The Para Board is not responsible should the internet connections for electronic communication be disrupted.
  • In order to participate in eMeetings or Webinars, participants are required to submit information that helps identify them as participants: in-person attendees are not required to provide identifying information unless they testify, but as a supplemental method of inviting attendance, electronic communications requires a registration.
  • The Para Board will not use registration information for any other purpose and if a participant wishes a response from the Para Board they must communicate that request through email, mail or phone communications with the Para Board office.